We Need You!

The Lower Boardman River holds immense ecological, recreational, economic, spiritual and cultural values for a wide spectrum of interests and is integral to the well-being and quality of life of Downtown Traverse City and the greater community.

Civic engagement and the reflection of values is essential to the development of this Unified Plan.  All interests should see themselves and their role in this Plan to the extent possible.

Two Weeks of Input Sessions!

Focus Group Public Engagement Meetings

The Lower Boardman River Leadership Team will host Focus Group Meetings seeking input on the crafting of Unified Plan. Meetings are slated for July 24th and 25th at the City Opera House.

Public Engagement Kick-Off

The Lower Boardman River Leadership Team hosted a Public Engagement Kick-Off event on June 12th. Over 100 attended and provided feedback on areas such as conservation, access, use, planning efforts, and more! The input will be compiled and evaluated as we move forward with the Public Engagement Plan. Thanks to all that could attend! Providing input is crucial for the development of a Unified Plan for the Lower Boardman River.

Check out the feedback we received at the Kick-Off event on June 12th here!

Public Engagement Plan

Just as the Lower Boardman River has a personality that takes on many forms and shapes depending upon the season, its flow and location, the unifying plan for the Lower River will reflect differing values, perspectives and uses of the River.  What is essential is that this process, much like that of the process to determine the fate of the Boardman River Dams, must include and welcome through civic engagement all of the many interests in the Boardman to develop a plan that is truly unifying and has the backing and consensus to be implemented. A Public Engagement Plan has been created to guide the Leadership Team as they seek community participation.

Continued Engagement

We know the planning process and the plan itself will evolve.  The LBR Leadership Teams’ goal at every event will be to stimulate ideas and creative thinking about the Lower Boardman and to provide continuing opportunities for everyone to provide feedback about ideas and about the plan and about the River as those things unfold.  The Team’s intention is that community members promote public meeting dates, encourage access and use of the project website, and share information with other community members.

The River Guardian in Downtown Traverse City